How Robert’s can save your business money.

Saves Time

100% usable yield resulting in less trash. Takes the guess work out of pricing by providing prices for the exact portion being used.

Less trash to bring to dumpster and haul away effectively reducing your refuse volume.

Little to no wasted prep time which reduces labor and insurance costs.

Flexible packaging options allow for easier materials handling (Products are usually packed in 20 lb boxes.)

Pre mixed blends can be customized to your specific specifications which drastically reduces prep time.

Products require less storage space than their bulk counterparts.

Consistent cut, shape, and quality in every bag.

Products are washed and ready for use reducing the risk of microbiological contamination.

No need to purchase and maintain expensive machinery.

Reduction in workers’ comp. claim as a result of less slicing, dicing, and chopping done by your employees.

More stable pricing than bulk counterparts.

Requires less time for inventory and reduces shrink.

Spend less time supervising the prep staff.

Saves Money

Products require preparation and washing before use.

Whole case products are heavy and bulkier therefore require more cooler space (Most items arrive in 50 lb cases.)

Iced products such as broccoli are very messy and leave adjacent areas wet and slippery.

Prone to frequent market fluctuations in price and quality. Quality usually decreases as price increases.

More time is needed for inventory and quality control. Ordering and finding product can be difficult at certain times of the year.

Preparation produces messy unnecessary waste which must be brought to dumpster and then hauled away.

Inconsistent quality within cases. Regardless of grade most cases of fruit and vegetables will contain a few defective pieces. (ie. in a sample of 50 topped carrots inspected and graded by the USDA 10% of the sample may be defective.)

Prices do not accommodate smaller buyers.

Large amounts of waste can result from poor quality product.

Products such as tomatoes may require time to ripen which may lead to shortages.

Investing in your business

Fresh cut vegetables are a safe and economical choice over standard whole case product.  Let Robert’s Precut Vegetables cut, prepare, and wash your fruits and vegetables so you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.

4 Reasons To Choose Roberts Precut Vegetables

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